Novel Microbiome-Based Strategies to Treating Skin Diseases: Translational Approaches and Challenges in the Skin Microbiome

Session Description: 

Travis has established himself as a research specialist in the field of the skin microbiome. He has defined and patented innovative approaches to the treatment of skin disorders and is the Principal Investigator on several federally funded programs in the area. Travis serves on the board of several startup companies and is the co-founder of five biotech and healthcare companies, including Azitra Inc., a skin microbiome company. Travis serves as a Senior Analyst at Bios Research, which provides consulting and short-focused healthcare market research to hedge funds and he is a venture capital partner at Bios Partners. Travis also holds a faculty research appointment at the Yale School of Medicine in Pediatrics and serves on the executive board of INSPIRE, a large, international pediatric research organization devoted to improving pediatric care globally. Travis is an author on multiple publications in pediatrics and the microbiome and is a PI on several federal and foundation-supported grants. Travis received scientific training at several leading academic institutions, including M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Duke University, and Yale University. He has a Masters of Public Health from Yale with an emphasis on molecular epidemiology. 

Session Date & Time: 
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 3:20pm to 4:00pm