Pascal Descargues, PhD

Pascal Descargues, PhD

Pascal has acquired over 15 years of experience in research on the development and characterization of pathological skin models. He holds a PhD degree in Pathophysiology from the University of Toulouse, France. He also holds Master’s Degree in Management from the Toulouse Business School.

During his doctoral studies and under the supervision of Prof. Alain Hovnanian, he successfully developed and characterized a mouse model of a severe genodermatosis called Netherton syndrome.

After his PhD in France and before launching Genoskin, Pascal completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Mickael Karin at the University of San Diego. He established that IKKalpha is a cofactor of the TGFbeta signaling in the keratinocyte controlling cell cycle arrest and commitment to terminal differentiation.

Back to France in 2009, Pascal started working on the Genoskin project to develop more adequate human skin models with the French National Center for Research and the University of Toulouse. He invented the NativeSkin® technology, that is now patented in his name. This innovative technology was the start of a new adventure that led Pascal to create Genoskin in 2011.

Pascal’s research has been published in major journals, such as Nature Genetics, PNAS, EMBO and the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. Pascal received the LeoPharma Charles Grupper Award (2005), the Award for Medicine from the Toulouse Academy of Science (2007) as well as the Young Entrepreneur Award of Economy from “La Tribune(2014).